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Burning Questions

How does my purchase help shelter pets?

TL;DR PetHub gives a percentage of revenue to EveryPet Charity, which helps fund community shelter identification and lost pet recovery programs.

PetHub's mission is to help keep every family's pets happy, safe and HOME for the rest of their lives. Since 2017, PetHub has gifted a quarter of a million dollars or more annually to help communities across the U.S. afford digital ID tag programs for their communities. Without our financial help, these communities cannot afford modern identification for their licensing, rabies or pet adoption programs (and are stuck with old fashioned stamped or engraved IDs).

Not only have these "Powered by PetHub" ID programs in over 1000 communities greatly increased "Return to Home" of lost animals, they've also helped reduced the number of animals going into shelters. 96% of PetHub recovered pets are home in 24 hours or less, and less than 2% ever enter the shelter. Communities are saving 10s of thousands of dollars annually that they can redirect back into other life savings programs.

In late 2023, PetHub's founders started a separate national charity (EveryPet Charity) to help raise even more funding to help keep animals out of shelters and build successful community ID tag programs. PetHub now gives a portion of all revenue to EPC.

Every digital ID tag, personalized product, accessory, purchase from our pet industry partners and especially service upgrades, helps us give more back to community shelters.

What does the service cost?

TL;DR - Basic is free, PetHub+ is a paid service.

Basic Service is FREE and includes:

  • Unlimited pet data profile
  • 365/24/7 Found Pet Hotline (with REAL humans to help) -- we are the only digital ID tag to offer this for FREE
  • Member discounts & savings for $1000s on all kinds of pet products & services

PetHub+ is a paid service and includes:

  • Enhanced lost pet recovery tools like tag scan GPS mapping, nationwide community "Pet Amber Alert" system and more
  • Ad free content
  • Exclusive live learning opportunities
  • Exclusive freebies and amazing offers from top pet brands
  • One-time free tag replacement

How does the tag work?

TL; DR PetHub tags link with a personalized pet profile on PetHub.com that is accessed through the tag's QR code, unique URL or via the PetHub Found Pet Hotline.

PetHub tags must be activated on PetHub.com before they are placed on the pet's collar (they do NOT come pre-activated). You activate the tag by creating a free pet profile and then entering the tag's unique ID code.

Once activated, you can update the pet's information any time, any where, free of charge. You are 100% in control of your data. You decide what information shows publically when the tag is scanned, and what information is only seen by our call centers.

If your pet is lost, the finder has three ways to access your pet's profile to help them get home:

  1. Call the toll-free number printed on every tag to reach our human operated 365/24/7 Found Pet Hotline
  2. Scan the QR code and reach you and others connected to your pet's profile directly
  3. Enter the pet's unique ID number via PetHub's website

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With every purchase you make, PetHub contributes a percentage to EveryPet Charity, supporting local shelters in keeping animals safe and HOME.